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Government Services

Hermetic Rush Services, Inc. has been involved with government projects for over 30 years providing service related repairs and change outs to designing and installing chill water systems to support the supercomputing centers for the Department of Defense and the Navy. We have provided our expertise to the design and planning stages to help insure the cooling and back up support to keep the most advanced computers in the world operating at peak performance.

We have been awarded repeat contracts with the Corp of Engineers in Vicksburg MS to maintain the ERDC Waterways Experiment Station for three awards of 5 years each award and have received a 98% rating with the Corp of Engineers over the past 15 years of support for the ERDC Waterways Experiment Station.

HRS provides our customers with total solutions for their needs including:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamic studies
  • Design Build Engineering
  • Energy Analysis
  • Building Automation 
  • Energy Management
  • Utility Monitoring
  • Mechanical Solutions

Let our staff of professionals assist you today. Please check us out on SAM and ORCA sites