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Repair vs Replace

On average Air Conditioning systems in our climate tend to last 10-12 years. Some a little longer if proper maintenance has been performed. Heating systems however last a lot longer since our winters are much shorter than our summers.

When to repair instead of replace:

  • If you plan on moving soon, you may not get your investment price from a replacement system.
  • The system has been trouble free thus far and looks to be mechanically sound

When to replace:

  • If the equipment is over 12 years old. Older equipment becomes very expensive to operate and maintain.
  • If the system is not a safety hazard to your family.
  • If you have had to add refrigerant to your system in the past. One thing to remember is that refrigerant does not evaporate, if your system loses refrigerant there is a leak.
  • If your home is no longer comfortable for you and your family. With variable speed equipment your home would me much more comfortable and would save energy.
  • If you have remodeled or added additional square footage to your home, you might need a larger system. At the same time, if you have upgraded your insulation in your home, you might downsize the equipment. Call us for a heat load to find out the proper size system.
  • If your family members have allergies, asthma or other air quality health concerns. Indoor air quality can be improved throughout the whole house by 100 times with today’s high tech IAQ products

Still confused about whether to repair or replace? Call us today for a free estimate 601-932-7874